Redhawk Origins


How We Began

Redhawk Crescent Studios began on October 2nd of 2017, when CEO and founder Romeo Pough had a vision of creating a multimedia company that would change the way people view media as a whole. He wanted to create a company that would focus on producing and showing great content such as indie movies, indie comics, indie games, and independent content and entertainment as a whole. He wanted to find a way to pay film makers, actors and any one in the entertainment business that didn't make it in Hollywood that are looking to have a career. Therefore Redhawk Crescent Studios was created and the journey of the Hawk began.

Meet The Hawk Team

We have a great team, that oversees everything that we do. We all come from all walks of life and from different backgrounds. But what makes us a family is that we love entertainment and we love to keep people entertain at all costs. We all have one mission, which is to change the way the world views media and transcend it in a more enjoyable fashion for you and your family and for everyone involved in any forms of entertainment!


Romeo Pough

Founder & CEO

He is the Founder and CEO of RC Studios. Romeo is from Charlotte,NC and he's a former college basketball player who graduated from Coastal Carolina University with two degrees in communication and digital media. He's also a film maker, script writer and director.


Kirk Montgomery

Vice President

Kirk Montgomery is a business and digital technician graduate with many years and experience in digital media and business consulting for multiple companies. He's from Myrtle Beach, SC .


Laverne Boyd


Laverne Boyd is a retired military lieutenant who has many years in the entertainment industry after he served in the military. He is from California and he has multiple industry credits and a massive network that will make RC Studios company flourish.

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