Lucas & Kimberly (Come Here Girl)

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Countless hours of arguing, countless hours of missed phone calls and unread text messages. Whose the other guy? I always find myself questioning if this love that we have is true. You don’t look at me the way you once did when we first met, you don’t even touch me the way you use to, when it’s time for us to pleasure one another. Is there another guy? What’s the reason for tears, I’m trying to explain myself and all you can do is throw a fit and just cry, when all I want to do is fix our broken relationship. You stay crying everyday, complaining to your friends but then you have the audacity to make me look like the bad guy, and paint this picture of an verbally abusive guy with no heart that’s dragging you through hell, when in reality I’m the one whose trying to reach out to you to try and fix things. We  both did our dirt and we both made huge mistakes. Were no saints. Maybe my boys were right, maybe I should move on and leave your childish and find somebody that will cherish me as a man and give me the love and support that I need and desire and someone who will always be there for me until the end. I thought that was you, but now I’m second guessing since you seem to spend more time with your home boy, that you claim is just a friend. Like yeah ok. I doubt he’s just a friend. Now I done been with different kind of girls. Like I done seen them all, but ain’t none of them at all like you. An I done seen the best of the best, and I’m still ain’t impressed cause ain’t none of them at all like you. If you know how I feel when I chill, If I’m seen with a girl then she gotta be just like you. Baby that’s the way I feel and I got no choice but for me to keep it real because when we first got together started hanging out you was skeptical at first and you had to figure out if I was the kind of guy to try to dog you out but I ain’t that kind of guy you tried to make me out. You found-out when you turned to my baby I showed them other brothers how to treat a lady, I let you drive and you were riding when we were in that Mercedes. Baby I ain’t tripping or acting shady cause baby you know I never had anybody that showed me all the things that you showed me and the way you make me feel you hold me. We gone always be together my love, that’s what you told me and I believe it. Yes I just quoted some of that Bow & Ciara song, you know that’s my favorite song, (Laughs a little bit) but I said that to say this. I want you to spend the rest of my life with you and I knew it from the moment I laid my eyes on you. That’s why I brought up our problems that we had in the past in this speech that I’m giving you now in front of everyone to say that, Come here Girl! I love you and I want to ask you, “Will YOU MARRY ME KIMBERLY?!”

(Kimberly is shocked for a minute and then she smiles and says “Of course I’ll marry you Lucas.”) Lucas goes to put the ring on her finger and then he kisses her and picks her up while everyone cheers and  then she playfully punches and says, “You better not ever scare me like that again. I thought you were really leaving me since you were bringing up our past in front of everyone.” Lucas says, “You know I had to make a scene love, I would never leave the woman of my life.” (Lucas smiles and they both kiss while everybody looks on and out of the blue Kimberly whispers in Lucas’s ear and says, “I’m pregnant Lucas.” (Lucas’s is shocked)

To be continued………………

Stingy (Brown Sugar)

Listen! Now it’s been years and and I know we fell apart but I got to reconcile with you. Everyday I think about you and I miss your kisses. I miss the way you touch me, the way you make a little smile when I pinch your cheek. You can say I’m tripping, but I’m stingy because I can’t hide it and most guys like myself, know what they want and they plan on actually working for a woman like you that’s independent, beautiful, intelligent and that doesn’t need a man but you want one, for companionship. Baby listen, I just want to be your man! Nothing turns me on more than being with you. I’m stingy baby! I miss kissing on your brown smooth skin and your skin feels so smooth like you was dip in a lake full of cocoa butter lotion. Yeah I said it. That’s right! The way we talked about life and just being around each other and feeding off each other’s spirit and devotion into each other’s intellect and remembering that it’s not about the physical attraction we share with one another, but more of the spiritual attraction that we share with being around each other all the time.  

Being in love is a beautiful thing. There’s nothing like being with that one woman that makes you feel like a little kid again that is just experiencing his first love crush. That’s a special feeling that only comes around a few times in a person’s life. When it does, try your best to keep it. Everyone wants to be in love, whether they admit or not. The feeling of being in love with the person you can’t see yourself being without. The feeling you get when you look each other in the eyes, knowing you matter to them, and knowing that no person or people can break y’all apart is breathtaking! Their touch, their kisses are to die for and you yearn to make that feeling of love everlasting. I love that feeling of being in love, the effect of having butterflies when you wake up in the morning to that special lady. That is special! I hope to find this kind of love one day with my JULIET…. AKA my brown sugar, Which is you my love, my future wife and that’s why I’m stingy baby and I got to have you. Now give it to me!

“He bends Keke over and starts pounding her from the back while she screams in pleasure and excitement, yelling his name (Jason) and she then arches her butt up higher while he continues to penetrate her from behind and then they switch positions while he munches on her vagina and then she gives him the same treatment of pleasure in his private area and then he makes loves to her while she is on her back and they both cum together while the music plays in the back ground and then they get ready for round two.” To be continued…….

(“Brown Sugar”) 



Mystery of the Selkies- Kalita’s Resolve

We have been around for centuries, hiding in plain sight amongst you mortals for as long as the Ocean has been a crisp, clear blue color. We watch you mortals travel the seas high, and travel the seas low. We watch from afar, but yet we can still see the wonder of the mystery of our legend in your eyes. You wanted to know do we exist? Are we real? What’s the purpose of us being here? Are we violent? Haha, anxious mortal, the answers to your questions are all true. We wouldn’t say that we are that violent. We do get pretty aggressive on certain occasions when your kind tries to catch us so they can have good luck and imprison us. We were created by the God Poseidon to be watchers of mankind, to see you mortals flourish, but some of our kind turned evil and started to kill man kind. So we separated ourselves from them and we called our kind “Selkies.” The evil water nixies are called mermaids, it’s a big difference. They live in the darkest depths of the ocean, know as shallow creeks. No Selkie ever ventures there, because it’s to dangerous, we however live within the middle of the ocean rifts known as Merfolk Kingdom.

We oversee man kind’s protection as you lot travel the seas high and mild.  You think of us as fairy tales, because we make sure we are barely seen, but we in fact are all around you. Most of us can transform into a human body and live on land for short periods before we have to return back to the Ocean. Our mission is to protect man kind’s travels and to make sure the mermaids you mortals talk so highly of doesn’t trick you into thinking that they are genuine, when in fact they are pure evil and they will consume your soul the chance they get and you never be seen from again. The sailor looked puzzled after hearing all this and he walked over to the Selkie and asked her one question. “Can you take me with you, and show me the wonders of the ocean, that my eyes have not seen? The Selkie said, “Now why would I do that?” Your just a mortal, you will drown before we reach the depths of the ocean. The sailor was persistent in his demands but the Selkie refused his offer and she said that she must return to the Merfolk Kingdom. But as soon as she was about to leave the sailor threw a net over her before she could dive back in the ocean and he had trapped her. He smiled and said, “So it is true, what they say. You creatures fear fish nets.” The Selkie was outraged and threatened to curse him, but the sailor didn’t let her go and her told her that she was the one who he had been having dreams about since he was young and that she was the sea woman that he was in love with and that he didn’t know why. The Selkie told him to shut up and that he was speaking out of his head and that he didn’t know what he was saying.

The sailor told her that he knew it was her that appeared to him in his dreams and he told her that her name was Kalita, the beautiful mermaid, the daughter of the sea god Poseidon, the first mermaid that lead the rebel against her father and she was banished fro Atlantis to be damned a Selkie forever until her curse is broken by her finding true love, but in order for her to do that she must put an end to the reign of the evil mermaids also known as Water Nixies. How do you know this? The Selkie asked the sailor as he pulled the fish net off of her. He answered calmly and collectively by saying. “I knew it was you the moment you started telling about where you came from and it’s hard to forget a face of someone that you be in love with this whole time.” Kalita was overwhelmed with dysphoria that she dipped her head for a second and then she started smiling and then the water around her started twirling around her and she transformed into a full figured human and the sailor was astonished but yet thrilled by her transformation, that he stared in amazement at Kalita’s beauty.

The Kalita and the sailor started started chanting in unison saying “Bubbles, bubbles, bubbles, Sink down to the ocean top, Falling, falling, falling, Falling down until we stop, Are the ocean waves angry? Or is soft? As we fall, these bubbles portray our feelings, As we stop, and the love we share is thrilling.” An they both kissed romantically and then Kalita told the sailor that was her favorite chant as a child growing up and only her true love would know the words of it. The sailor smiled and said yes, that was my favorite chant as well growing up too. They smiled in each other’s face and then the sailor told Kalita and said, “You know the Nixies will come after us once they find out that you have found me, and they will stop at nothing to hunt us down and kill us. Kalita grabbed the sailor’s face and said “Enzo, my love, let them try.” She then kissed him again and they disappeared in the sunset.

TO BE CONTINUED…………………………..

A Viking’s Prayer Was Answered

He arrived on the foreign shores of rich fertile land. Excitement filled within him. Lust for battle crept through his body to a smile of the fortunes he’d bring upon his family, or the great hall that awaited him in Asgard. He spotted crows fly across the sky silently as the men on the longboats below spoke of thrills and glory of the battle. How their infertile homeland’d have an ever brighter future of great trade. But the invasion was not an invasion of the Norsemen, but a trap awaiting for them to fall into. The long ship crashed into the shores aflame. The man watched his friends die in front of him. He smiled, knowing he’d rejoin them in Folkvangr, regularly visiting Valhalla to meet the great Jarls of the past. The part he looked forward to most of all was not the glory, or meeting the gods. It was for the day to come when his wife, sons and daughters rejoin with him. I could feel the beautiful Valkyrie rotting away his corpse into an essence and taking him away to his new home. He smiled as he saw his lifeless body left on Earth and he realize that his prayer was answered. He was reunited with his family again for eternity. A Viking’s Prayer was answered.

R&B Mondays: “It’s Ladies Night At Chocolate City.” – Dark Complexion

Today is Music Mondays for Redhawk Fantasy Stories. Enjoy a R&B song by Dark Complexion called, “It’s Ladies Night At Chocolate City” from the soundtrack of the movie called “A Thin Line Between Love & Hate!”

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Water Sprites (A Celtic Poem)

This sensation so unknown,  your loving eyes’ capture  a love not prior shown;  an impulse of subtle rapture.  Your elegance unmatched,  a uniqueness to me alone,  to you I’m now attached,  a thread now stitched and sewn.  Your lips tempt me forward,  your breath a refreshing breeze,  your voice an unheard chord,  that brings me to my knees.

You move through the crowds,  a parting of rousing ocean,  as light as skyward clouds,  to cohere our loves’ devotion. The sea has a unique tune to it as if the ocean itself is playing a instrument to draw you in closer and closer until your one with it and your in a tight knit. The ocean’s beautiful tune makes your mind drift away into a dream world. that is filled with mermaids, sea dragons and all the mystical sea creatures of the deep that will make you weep. Never criticize the ocean for it is alive and with it, it makes the world thrive. The beauty is a crystal blue like a moon’s gaze that shines cleared than a crystal braze. The ocean is your friend and inside of it, is a mystery that is waiting to be opened up and blended in to. Come join me and gaze at the beautiful Ocean Blue.

Remembrance of Africa- The Great MotherLand

The morning sunrise beams across the horizon, while the lion, zebras, elephants, and the creatures of the land run across the plane in a frantic, but soul searching pace. The people of the plane were shocked in amazement at the beauty of what is transpiring and that made all the tribes in the area come out and blow trumpets and beat heavy on their drums, which turned the air into a spiritual, yet animated, soul searching musical vibe that had even the creatures were humming to the sound of the tune that was being played by the village people. The elders of the tribes appeared before the congregation as they took witness their people playing their musical instruments at the sight of the animals that were there. Then one of the elders from Koshi tribe said “Let us give praise to these magnificent animals and not kill them for for, but befriend them in our conquest to build the greatest empire that world has ever seen.” All of the other elders were puzzled at first, but they nodded their head in agreement and so did the people in the village and from that day, marked the beginning of the great nation of Egypt, where the blacks ruled with great sovereignty throughout the place they called Africa. They ruled in the land which their elder God “Yahweh” called “The Land of Milk and Honey.” The first elder from the Koshi tribe became the ruler of all the tribes that came together and his titled changed from elder to the first Pharaoh of Egypt also known as the Nubians.

He made a vow to the gods and the great God Yahweh that they will rule with a iron fist and spread positiveness throughout all of Egypt and Africa as a whole.  He showed his people that the creamy texture of their dark chocolate, melanin skin was not to be ashamed of, but to be celebrated because they are the first people of earth and that their skin texture are the same colors of the Gods in heaven. He told the dark beautiful women of Egypt to embrace their woolly, magnificent hair and to wear as a symbol of self respect and beauty and to embrace their god-given curves and to be strong and to be their for their husbands. He also told the fathers to be strong Egyptian men and to protect and guide their family and to be the example of his household spiritually, and as a formidably worker to provide for his wife and kids. The Pharaoh was told them that they were the chosen people from the 12 tribes of Judah and that they are held to the highest standard from the Creator God “Yahweh” and that they must lead the other tribes throughout Africa from the darkness and to never turn from Yahweh or they will have 400 years of generations suffering from him because we are his chosen people. He also told them that if they didn’t abide by this warning, then Egypt will be corrupted by outsiders and people foreign of the land of Africa and they will split the Egyptians into two different kinds of black people and their own black leaders will sell their own people to these invaders for the simple fact  of having money known as greed or the Devil’s Jewels. The people in slaves will return to Egypt or other parts of Africa in 400 years to start a new civilization but not until they endure 4 generations of suffering from their oppressors. The first Pharaoh gave his people the warnings and time went by as Egypt flourished in the world and so did other parts of Africa as well, economically, spiritually, building great monuments which the world knows today as the great Pyramids of Egypt. An from that, Egypt became the first black country on earth, leading the world in the future until Egypt became corrupted  and infiltrated and they forgot about the first Pharaoh’s warning and what he warned came to pass and the people were split into and the rulers became know as the new Egyptians and the others became slaves known as the Hebrew-Israelites’ and both black races were cursed from that day.

The Hebrew-Israelites were sold to a foreign land known today as the United State of America  by the new Egyptians but the new Egyptians were later conquered by the Arabians that mixed with their people and all of Egypt’s black history was white washed and stolen to belittle the people who were slaves known as the Hebrew- Israelites aka the descendants of the original Egyptians so they wouldn’t know their true history and where they came from. The Arabians and Europeans stole their history and kept them in bondage and they murdered and raped their families. The Hebrew-Israelites families were also broken up by their masters all because they didn’t remember the first pharaoh’s warning. They forgot about Yahweh and know they must suffer for 400 years until they will rise gain to remember who they are and where they came from and they will return back to the motherland known as Africa which is the Land of Milk and Honey. The black people living in the United States of America right now are the descendants of the Hebrew-Israelites and are the chosen people of Yahweh.

They will remember who they are and they will once again become the Kings and Queens of the past and start a new Egypt in the land of Africa that is not corrupted and finally be at peace and be with Yahweh for eternity. Legend says that if you travel back to the ruins of Egypt,Africa and visit the tomb of the first Pharaoh and actually listen, you can hear the majestic voices of Africa and the country of Egypt speak to you and you can hear the sounds of Ancient Egypt and all of it’s history and glory will speak to you and you can here the 1st Pharaoh’s warning to his people and you can hear him laugh and say,”The glory of Ancient Egypt will return again.” As the angelic and ,majestic sounds continues to play from his tomb. Welcome to Ancient Egypt the great country inside the motherland known as Africa. Know Thy Self!

Valley of the Gods! (Poem of the Gods)

The fire that burns inside, is all I need to be inspired. Something I know can hold my pride & never make me tired. Lift your swords with me & watch the fire birds rise and it will be a splendid prize, with one hand I shall unite us all under the Kingdom of the Gods, to find the ancient tome. Who shall stand with me and shall make the world free from ternary from the demons of this world. Stand with me and the Gods as we cast out evil and bring this world back to a peaceful loving realm of magical and extraordinary creatures and humans.  Now we ride and bring your pride, Say goodbye because now it’s time to fly as high as the birds & pass bye the people of the night. Upon the field of battle, tragedy and bloodshed will occur and most will not know, that there stood the child of life and his eyes glowed like a shining red star being reborn in the cosmos. The mountain of corpses stacked on high life, released them with a sigh as the field of battle stained bright red.The men,no more and the voices in my head, the two men stood before me and with my own two eyes I could see two heroes, one of darkness and one of light. One of pure essence of night and one of which hope will bestow, stood the child of destiny. His eyes aglow mounted upon his dragon of black and crystal gold.

He took to the skies to do battle with the Gods in their battle with the Lords of Darkness and he never came to the ground. He wielded his sword with a high and a mighty shout of power and one by one he laid siege to the Lords of The Shadows and their minions. Every hour clashing in the skies and pillars of fire blazed the sky as Jasper The Great was in the Valley of the Gods fighting with them against the forces of darkness. The mortals on earth, including myself, witness a truly, glorious scene and it was one to admire. Good and Evil and hand to hand fighting, Gods being helped by the strength of a mortal such as Jasper while they fought in the Valley of the Gods against the demons of the night. They both fought to control the land and the cosmos. Even though the Lords of the Shadows fought a fierce battle, it was the help of Jasper the Great that gave the Gods in the Valley the upper hand in defeating the demons of the night and I, just like the other mortals on earth got to witness it first hand, because I am “Jasper The Great!” Never give up on the Gods, because we may be human but their is a God in us all surging and ready to take the battle field when our existence and freedom is threatened! I am Jasper The Great and this is the tale of the “Gods of the Valley.”


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