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Nubian Werewolf

RC Studios is proud to present our 1st ever African Superhero called Nubian Werewolf, who is the African King of Kotoria. Nubian Werewolf will be our first comic book character to receive it's own TV series before it's comic book release. It's TV series will be ten episodes consisting of thirty minutes each and he will be apart of TV universe called

"Hawk Verse." More details about Nubian Werewolf will be coming soon.

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Valencia (Miasma)

RC Studios is proud to present "Valencia" who is our 1st ever comic book character created. She is a demi-goddess and she's very important to our comics and our TV Universe called "Hawk Verse." Her comic book arc will be coming out in the spring of 2019.

More details about Valencia will be coming soon.

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Blood Lust

RC Studios is proud to present "Blood Lust", which is our 1st ever TV series that seen it's pilot air on Dynasty Television Cable Network this past October to a combine audience of 2 million people world wide! With great positive reviews, "Blood Lust" is set to film it's season 1 with a total of 14 one hour long episodes that will air on Redhawk Crescent Studios Movie Streaming Service in the fall of 2019! We will be turning it into a comic and it will be apart of our TV universe called

"Hawk Verse."

More details about Blood Lust will be coming soon.

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RC Studios Comic Book Goals

Redhawk Crescent Studios goals are to be the number independent company for producing and showcasing comics of genres that are in the independent (not mainstream) category. We want to pay comic book creators and artists for their hard work and also be a place where their work and talent gets show to the world. We are very excited for this upcoming year, because we have a lot of comics that are releasing soon. With you being apart of our family, you can help us accomplish this goal. Welcome to the Redhawk Family!


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