Lucas & Kimberly (Come Here Girl)

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Countless hours of arguing, countless hours of missed phone calls and unread text messages. Whose the other guy? I always find myself questioning if this love that we have is true. You don’t look at me the way you once did when we first met, you don’t even touch me the way you use to, when it’s time for us to pleasure one another. Is there another guy? What’s the reason for tears, I’m trying to explain myself and all you can do is throw a fit and just cry, when all I want to do is fix our broken relationship. You stay crying everyday, complaining to your friends but then you have the audacity to make me look like the bad guy, and paint this picture of an verbally abusive guy with no heart that’s dragging you through hell, when in reality I’m the one whose trying to reach out to you to try and fix things. We  both did our dirt and we both made huge mistakes. Were no saints. Maybe my boys were right, maybe I should move on and leave your childish and find somebody that will cherish me as a man and give me the love and support that I need and desire and someone who will always be there for me until the end. I thought that was you, but now I’m second guessing since you seem to spend more time with your home boy, that you claim is just a friend. Like yeah ok. I doubt he’s just a friend. Now I done been with different kind of girls. Like I done seen them all, but ain’t none of them at all like you. An I done seen the best of the best, and I’m still ain’t impressed cause ain’t none of them at all like you. If you know how I feel when I chill, If I’m seen with a girl then she gotta be just like you. Baby that’s the way I feel and I got no choice but for me to keep it real because when we first got together started hanging out you was skeptical at first and you had to figure out if I was the kind of guy to try to dog you out but I ain’t that kind of guy you tried to make me out. You found-out when you turned to my baby I showed them other brothers how to treat a lady, I let you drive and you were riding when we were in that Mercedes. Baby I ain’t tripping or acting shady cause baby you know I never had anybody that showed me all the things that you showed me and the way you make me feel you hold me. We gone always be together my love, that’s what you told me and I believe it. Yes I just quoted some of that Bow & Ciara song, you know that’s my favorite song, (Laughs a little bit) but I said that to say this. I want you to spend the rest of my life with you and I knew it from the moment I laid my eyes on you. That’s why I brought up our problems that we had in the past in this speech that I’m giving you now in front of everyone to say that, Come here Girl! I love you and I want to ask you, “Will YOU MARRY ME KIMBERLY?!”

(Kimberly is shocked for a minute and then she smiles and says “Of course I’ll marry you Lucas.”) Lucas goes to put the ring on her finger and then he kisses her and picks her up while everyone cheers and  then she playfully punches and says, “You better not ever scare me like that again. I thought you were really leaving me since you were bringing up our past in front of everyone.” Lucas says, “You know I had to make a scene love, I would never leave the woman of my life.” (Lucas smiles and they both kiss while everybody looks on and out of the blue Kimberly whispers in Lucas’s ear and says, “I’m pregnant Lucas.” (Lucas’s is shocked)

To be continued………………

Masquerade of the Cursed Souls. (Love)

We were born the same year. But at my fifth summer I was cursed to stay a young girl trapped in her 20’s forever. Yet my soul was growing older. My friend was growing up. My name is Ritasha by the way. Anyway I was becoming a beautiful teenager. Kind, caring and handsome. And every day my heart aged and my love for him grew stronger. We were friends, but we could never be lovers, could we? He had reached the age to marry a girl. Of course he had to marry a girl. No one would allow him to marry a poor girl not from a royal class.. Especially not a peasant girl who was trapped in the body of a peasant woman not looking glamorous. Yet this didn’t stop me from confessing my love to him on the night before his wedding. He kissed me gently, a real gentleman he was, before we ran away. Vanished into the night. He and I. It was magical but hard. We had to pretend I was his cousin.  He grew older, now he had to pretend to be my grandfather. No one could know. We kept our secret hidden. He took it into his grave. My beloved friend, my everything. I still miss him every day. Even though it has been almost a hundred years since he passed away. I wish I could join him in death. But I am a vampire. Doomed to live forever. My heart is devoted to him, empty for anything else. My soul is old. My body young. Oh when, when will I pass away. Someone please set me free. My time to die has arrived. But I can not die yet because I still long for my one true love. I will wait as long as it takes to see him again as I drink from my last living being, I am drawn to my last sorrow filled memories. This all happened to fast; I could not stop my self from devouring my beloved. Now he has been banished to the fiery depths that is Hell. My love has left me, My lust now has control; As his father approaches me with a stake, I am ready to be banished into a world of black, my body to dust does it lay. With my broken heart and final tears, forever preserved in nothing but memories. Our ring lay, still wrapped in my bony mind that has died. I am nothing but a monster; I am the vampire. But I can not die yet because I still long for my one true love. I will wait as long as it takes to see him again as I drink from my last living being, I am drawn to my last sorrow filled memories.

Centuries has passed and I got invited to a Masquerade that was for vampires only. Not knowing what to expect, I got in my best garments and I went to the event where I was so amazed at everyone dancing I decided to join in myself.

A vivid spectacle of bodies moving in harmony. They spun and swayed and smiled as one to the sound of The Vampire Masquerade. A golden sheen befell the hall through the splinters of light that caught the gems on the chandelier and showered the guests with a honey dew. Magnificent floral pieces of pashmina and satin sheathed the blushing ladies while the ebony suited men braved their hearts and lead their counter-parts in the waltz. Among them stood one apart from the rest. With his royal blue jacket and dark grey trousers, and eyes that shone like a cat on a throne; he was seen in glimpses here and there. Some saw him dancing with a dame while others fell their gaze at the figure watching them from above, on the higher balcony; wherever he was his eyes remained fixed on one which was me. He wore an emerald suite, iridescent with embroidered gems. His eyes, blue like a stormy ocean, shot arrows of supremacy at any fool who dared to look. He entrance every woman who seemed ever so desperate to be acquainted with him. Through the beating maze of masked phantoms he made his way to me. Swift and sure I felt his beating heart since he got closer; we were both challenging each other’s every movement with our own. He was a breath away from me and he then whispers in my ear, “I have returned Ritasha?” I gasped, for I couldn’t believe it was my long lost loved. I was in shocked but I knew it was very real when he
put his lips on my neck ,softly kissing me and then he spins me around and says I’m “Vlad, my dear. But around here they seem to call me Dracula and I missed you and we never be away from each other ever again, because I’m immortal just like you, when you killed me on that fatal day and turned me into a vampire. I smiled and we both said we that we loved each other and we danced the night away into eternity while we feasted on the blood on our victim covered in a bloody romantic dancing spectacle.

Ritasha & Vlad Forever Into Eternity

Masquerade of the Cursed Souls. (Love)

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