The Forest Queen- From RC Comics/RC Fables

The leaves crunch under my feet and the air tasted so sweet. I watched the squirrels eat with the birds that tweet. My hand touches the ground as I look around, but there is no sound. Only whispers waiting to be found.  The wind hits my hair as if life was so, so rare. I was whispering a prayer from my hair and I suddenly look at the ground which was so green, With the air so clean I can never be unpleasant In the land of the Forest Queen, where deep in the forest where shadows lie, there are many places with secrets of mine. The queen of the forest majestic and full of grace, Deep in this forest filled with secrets that only the Forest queen knows and not another soul. A forest with trees so tall, Garden with flowers so small, Here in this forest with secrets to hide, There are things of beauty in the forests, sights to beheld, animals so beautiful, deep in this forest of that is ruled by the queen herself.

The berries on my tongue, tasted so sweet. I can hear the small birds in the tall trees tweet. In the lone forest, where there is none, The bears roar at night, because they won. I’m not afraid of its dark night, Because the trees gives me the light. Leaves are buried in my long dark hair. I can hear the trees whispering in the air. My feet touch the ground, making the familiar soft sound. Oh, Forest, You are so green, You are my castle, because I’m your Queen. As the people in the kingdom continued to dance while around the forest fire while the Forest Queen continues to talk in a poetic tone as she looks in amazement and she hears the sound of her people singing and laughing in a joyous tone, that invoked a feeling of empathy that made even the Forest Queen herself smile. While she gazed at the sweet laughter of the children, she realizes that her time to go is now. As the people pranced around the fire endlessly not realizing, the Forest Queen had disappeared in the sky leaving her essence and her spirit to watch over kingdom for all time. The Forest Queen Lives On!


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